Unexplained Symptoms? Medical Genetics Could Benefit Your Health and Wallet.

A Costly, Expensive and Frustrating Quest for a Diagnosis An experience many of our patients share is one of repeat visits to hospitals, care providers, and specialty practices for tests and examinations. For people with rare diseases, an accurate diagnosis takes 5 to 8 years on average. Others wait decades. Despite all the time spent in doctors’ offices, these patients’ symptoms seem unrelated and unexplainable before they undergo genetic evaluation. [...]

High-Level Guide to Genetic Connective Tissue Disorders

The average person has never heard of connective tissue, but it’s practically everywhere in your body — from your skin to your eyes to your heart. So what is it? Connective tissue provides elasticity, structure and metabolic support to numerous organs, joints and other bodily structures. It binds, separates and supports the tissues of your muscles, nervous system and more.  Because this tissue is so prevalent, a broad range of [...]

Understanding Chromosome 15 Disorders: A High-Level Guide

The human genome is a complex tapestry of chromosomes and genes. Each one influences our development and overall well-being. Chromosome 15 — one of the 23 chromosomes, which includes one copy each from the maternal and paternal sides — harbors a myriad of genes involved in various functions of the body. This chromosome is unique from most of our others because some genes on Chromosome 15 are only turned on [...]

Unraveling the Genetic Puzzle of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease affects millions of people worldwide. While it is far from the only factor, your DNA can impact the risk of your kidneys malfunctioning. Understanding the power of genetics and genetic testing can revolutionize how doctors diagnose, manage, and even prevent many serious diseases. In this blog, we'll explore the role of genetics in kidney disease and related conditions and discuss the incredible value of genetic testing in improving [...]

4 Areas Where Genetics Matters Most in Primary Care

At SequenceMD, we’re passionate about integrating genetics into primary care. Genetic testing and evaluation were once cost-prohibitive and rarely covered by insurance. Today, costs have dropped, and insurance coverage is increasing. At the same time, scientific research and development has vastly enhanced our ability to improve patient outcomes by incorporating genetics into primary care. Below are four areas where genetics can make a real difference for patients across their lifespan. [...]

Understanding Cardiovascular Disease Through Genetics

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death around the world. In the US, 1 of every 4 deaths is attributable to cardiovascular disease, and sudden cardiac arrest is the biggest cause of natural death.  While lifestyle, environment and behavior can influence the development of cardiovascular disease, genetics also plays a role. From birth through adulthood, your genes impact every aspect of how the heart forms and functions. A [...]

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