Democratizing Genetics: It’s Time to Integrate Genetics Into Primary Care

The Untapped Potential of Genetics in Healthcare The field of genetics has always been concentrated in academia and utilized for research. Even in clinical practice, genetics has largely remained within academic health centers. For years, genetic testing was simply too expensive to be standard for most patients.  Today, new technology has removed economic barriers, unlocking the potential for genetics to have a much larger reach and impact on patients. In [...]

5 Reasons Why Patients with Genetic Disease Need Multidisciplinary, Integrated Care Teams

Too often, patients with rare and inherited genetic disorders have a history of difficult healthcare experiences and fragmented medical records. With more than 5,000 known genetic disorders, these disorders manifest in many ways, across multiple systems in the body, necessitating a variety of specialists for treatment and management. Having an integrated care team can significantly improve these patients’ experiences and outcomes. From initial diagnosis to care across the lifetime, patients [...]

From Diagnosis to Treatment: 7 Benefits of Genetic Testing for Adults

Adults with genetic disorders are a remarkable and growing population of patients. They are also underserved. Despite genetic testing being routine for many childhood-onset disorders, testing adults is not a standard practice. As a result, many adults are living with undiagnosed genetic diseases. Some are symptomatic with an inaccurate diagnosis, while many struggle to receive any diagnosis at all. Others may be asymptomatic (without symptoms) or pre-symptomatic (not having symptoms [...]

10 Red Flags You May Have a Genetic Disease

Did you know that genetic conditions are estimated to affect 5 to 10% of the general population? Unfortunately, even as genetic medical care has become increasingly affordable and accessible, most patients, primary care physicians, and specialists are unaware of the red flags that signal it’s time to seek genetic testing and support. As a diagnostic genetics practice for adults, SequenceMD provides care for patients with rare conditions and unique medical needs, [...]

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