Delivering lifelong genetic health care
SequenceMD provides patients who have a genetic diagnosis with personalized, precision care.

We work as part of your integrated care team

Patients experience better outcomes when clinical geneticists collaborate with primary and specialty providers. SequenceMD will work closely with your entire healthcare team, including  creating a care plan with treatment and monitoring options tailored to your unique genetic profile.

We’ll partner with your existing and new providers to:

  • Discuss the disorder’s natural history, clinical presentation, and medical management
  • Review targeted treatment options, including gene therapies and clinical trial opportunities
  • Provide recommendations for specialty consultations and specific monitoring needs
  • Deliver continuing care with annual follow-ups
  • Reanalyze genetic data and test results in light of new discoveries and breakthroughs
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Our providers are experts in rare and genetic diseases

Our clinical genetics team specializes in evaluating and caring for patients with

  • Neurodevelopmental disorders, which impact the growth and function of the brain and nervous system
  • Movement disorders that impair body coordination and control including Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and others 
  • Metabolic disorders, which disrupt chemical processes in the body
  • Chromosome 15 disorders, including Prader-Willi, Angelman, and dup15q syndromes, among others
  • Conditions with intellectual disability and/or developmental delays, including Pitt-Hopkins
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